Emmie & Kyra

Emmie & Kyra

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Granddad has been spending a lot of time helping us out the last couple of months, we really couldn't have made it without him. Here he is swimming with the girls. Emmie has been doing great at swim, she has finally started turning over to catch her breath but she still spends a lot of time underwater (she swims under water like her uncle Scott). Kyra loves the water including the pool.

I went to check on Emmie one evening when she was watching her show before bed, well she'd gone outside and gotten Kyra's swim turtle - this is what I found...

The newest Hanvey - he's a good boy with alot of energy. He loves Kyra and she loves to feed him, her food. I'm a little surprised she likes to feed him given that kid is always hungry you'd think she wouldn't want to share. He definetly favors Chris

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