Emmie & Kyra

Emmie & Kyra

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We celebrated Kyra's 1st Christmas with her crawling...yes she's mobile so life is about to get even crazier - I don't know how but we will manage. Emmie has no idea that Christmas and Birthdays are not a week of her getting gifts and parties for her. Even on Christmas she asked if the party was for her. Our house looks like Toys R Us emptied a big truck in it. So all in all I'd say the we all enjoyed ourselves.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Birthday Week

On Wednesday Emmie will turn 3 ~ I can't believe she's growing up so fast. We had her birthday party this weekend (I will post pictures later) and as always she bounced her little heart out. On Sunday Lala and Ellan took her and a few other kidos to go see the Christmas show at Second Baptist and today she got her first car. I wish I was three!!! Considering how spoiled she is she's actually a pretty sweet little girl. Little miss Kyra is doing good too, she wanted to ride with her big sis this morning. We are very blessed and lucky to have them both!