Emmie & Kyra

Emmie & Kyra

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Princess Emmie

Today when Emmie was picking out what to wear she told me she wanted to wear a princess dress like the princess on her toy box - so thanks to Auntie Shirley - that's what she wore. Luckily we weren't going any place.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Video of Emmie at the Beach

Emmie Swimming

We don't know what happened but Emmie pretty much decided overnight that she was ready to swim. I guess it's like everything else with her, once she wants to do it she does it. She swims about half the length of our pool which isn't all that long but for her it's a long way. We are still working on the ability to turn over and float. She is going back to swim classes next week so hopefully she'll work on those skills with them. Here's some video of her swimming today.

Monday, July 12, 2010

3 Months Emmie & Kyra

I still can't tell who Kyra looks like but for those of you that like to compare here's a couple pictures of Emmie at 3 months and Kyra side by side. Do you think they look alike?

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1st Beach Trip

Our friends Gordon & Aurora invited us to join them at Surfside in Freeport for a day trip to the beach. I was pleasantly surprise that the water and beach were clean and tar and seaweed free. The Greenley's where there too. Emmie could not stay stop playing with the sand she thought it was great fun to have so much sand at her disposal (I don't allow sand at our house). Kyra hung out in her bouncy and enjoyed the change in scenery. She did get to go swimming when we got back home - she loves swimming!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kyra is 3 Months

Time is flying by - Kyra is already 3 months old this week.

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We tried to take some pictures with the grandparents this weekend but failed big time. We didn't even get any with Pamma and Granddad Larry because the camera die ~ here are the best of the worst from Granny & Granddad ~ we will try again on our next trip.

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PJ Time

Our cute little girls ready for bed.

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The Girls with PawPaw

We enjoyed a nice 4th of July in Austin. Here are pictures of the girls with Paw Paw for his 91st Birthday - Happy B-Day Paw Paw!!

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