Emmie & Kyra

Emmie & Kyra

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

UT Football Season

The UT Football season has officially arrived and Emmie was ready to go at her very first UT game. As UT was playing at Reliant we decided this was the game to take her to this year. We got very lucky as some generous stranger handed Chris free tickets at the game (will have to pay it forward someday). She did great and she loved it (the cotton candy before the game probably helped out too). She was working on her "Hook'em" (still needs a little work) and kept yelling "Fight" (we were on the Fight side of the statium). She cheered and clapped like crazy.

Kyra had a nice quite day staying home with Granny and Grandad watching the game on TV.
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  1. Cute pic!! Happy Football season to you and yours!:)